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Why it’s so Easy to Relax in the Forest of Dean

Apr 14, 2021
Walking in the Forest of Dean Edale House B&B

We can’t help but be grateful for the part of the world that we find ourselves in here at Edale House. It’s so easy to relax in the Forest of Dean. The stress of everyday life melts away when you’re surrounded by nature, whether it’s hearing the warblers sing to each other among the branches, seeing the leaves of the ancient trees dance in the breeze, or watching the sun skate along the ripples of Woorgreens Lake.

Walking in the Forest of Dean Edale House B&B

One of the best ways to clear your mind is to go outside and take a walk, and where better than the Forest of Dean? There are many health benefits associated with being out in nature and living here all year round we definitely see them firsthand. There’s a reason Foresters are so friendly: the area keeps us happy and healthy. The woods have a funny way of making your concerns seem a little smaller. Watching the spring ferns unfurl or the autumn leaves change colour, noticing new flowers pop up or glimpsing a wild animal all provide a sense of joy that you struggle to find anywhere else. Breathing in the fresh forest air as you amble through miles of picturesque woodland is great for your mental health and something we do every day.

We are in the perfect spot to get out and about in the Forest of Dean at Edale House. Not a stone’s throw from our back door is a walking path that takes you straight into the woods. The walks closest to us are perfect for clearing your head or gaining some inspiration. They’re flat, well-kept and feature some of the most romantic scenery in the area. About a mile to the north of us are Cannop Ponds, a set of idyllic ponds, bordered by golden reeds, that run off into a babbling brook through the woods. It’s the perfect place to sit and have a picnic or take the dog to explore. There are always plenty of ducks to watch, and sometimes coots, moorhens and even herons. Wagtails often play around the streams running off the ponds and if you’re lucky you might even catch a glimpse of a bright blue kingfisher.

Cannop Ponds Forest of Dean Edale House B&B

Although the peacefulness can make you feel like you have the whole forest to yourself, you are rarely alone here. We aren’t the only ones that appreciate its tranquillity. Some of nature’s most timid animals call this place home as well. If you want to see the birds of the forest take a stroll through RSPB Nagshead Nature Reserve, which is just next door to us. Because of its mix of pristine habitats, you’ll find a wide variety of bird species perched up in the canopy or circling overhead. If you’re lucky, you might spot one of the three species of deer that live here too, we often see them in the early evening at Nagshead. Reclusive wild boar can sometimes be spotted snuffling up the ground looking for food and there are plenty of squirrels running and jumping through the trees to enjoy watching too.

Deer Wildlife in the Forest of Dean Edale House B&B

Everybody has their own way of unwinding and luckily we have loads of relaxing activities close by too. You’ll find everything from soaking up the sun as you make your way around the 18 hole course at Forest Hills Golf Club to floatation therapy at Float in the Forest. When it comes to calm, we’re in exactly the right place at Edale House. You’ll be able to collapse into your cosy bed at night, knowing that tomorrow only brings more relaxation, and a freshly cooked breakfast.

For more ideas for a relaxing holiday in the Forest of Dean see our Wellbeing page here.

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